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About Multi-Point Locks

There are a multitude of companies that make multi-point locks. We need certain information to replace your existing lock.

First, there are locks made by Fuhr, Ferco, Hoppe, G-U, Winkhaus, Roto, Schlegel, Truth, W&F and a host of others. You have to know the Brand to get started. Every brand has features and styles that might be unique to them.

Second, The position and types of the locking points will vary and there are many combinations. You have to identify several key bits of information. Starting with the face plate width, the types and position of the locking devices, the spacing from the center of the handles to the center of the thumb turn and the backset (the distance from the edge of the lock to the center of the door handle).

Third, There is the possibility that your brand of lock may not be available. Brands like Fuhr and Ferco are not shipping to the United States. Fuhr is a German company that has shipped thousands of locks to many different companies like Caradco, Weathershield, Kolbe & Kolbe, Windsor and others. Ferco is a French company that shipped thousands of locks to The Atrium Door Company. The bad news is these are not being made any longer. The good news is, there are replacement options.

Finally, Don’t despair, we have the information to help you replace your locks and hardware along with options to make replacing your lock as easy as possible. We have divided each manufacture into their own categories making it easier if you have a Fuhr, Ferco, Hoppe or other brand of lock to find the necessary information that will guide you through your many choices. Keep in mind that many locks may not be available and you will have to retro fit your new lock to make it work and this may require the help of a skilled craftsman or locksmith.
Remember, Many locks are exact replacements; however, there are some that require modifications and relocating or adding rollers, strikes or other hardware. Orders are based off your measurements and many are special orders that can not be returned. Sometimes the best way to find your replacement lock is to send us your existing one.

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