Andersen multi point lock

            The Andersen Window and Door 3-point lock has basically remained the same size since inception and the old style and new style are mostly interchangeable. The hooks have pointed up and down, the original faceplate was yellow zinc dichromate, today it’s stainless steel. There have been other improvements, but the top and bottom locking points are still in the same location on the Active lock mechanisms.  The old style Passive may require a conversion kit. Andersen has been good about stamping their seven digit part numbers in the metal faceplate. These numbers can be used to identify which replacement lock you will need.

            The Andersen Frenchwood inswing and outswing hinged door has one style of multipoint lock and four heights. The lock has two (2) hooks and a center deadbolt below the handle. The stainless steel faceplate is 7/8 inches wide, the lock body has a 50mm ( 2” ) backset and uses hardware specifically designed for their door.

Andersen Multipoint Lock Information Article

Below is a list of old and current part numbers for the Frenchwood Hinged door (FWH). The old zinc dichromate are listed for reference, replacement will be the stainless steel versions.

Model Length Old 1993-2003
New 2003-Present
(Stainless Steel)
6-8 Active 76-1/2” 2579512 2579771
6-8 Passive 76-1/2” 2579527 2579777 * 2573469 kit
6-11 Active 79-1/4” 2579585 2579772
6-11 Passive 79-1/4” 2579586 2579778 * 2573470 kit
7-6 Active 86-1/2” N/A 2578189
7-6 Passive 86-1/2” N/A 2578191
8-0 Active 92-1/2” 2579514 2579773
8-0 Passive 92-1/2” 2579529 2579779 * 2573471 kit

Active Door: This is the primary door, the one opened and closed during normal use. The active door has a 3-point lock, 2 hooks and deadbolt,  and uses the keyed cylinder.  The 3-point lock is engaged by lifting the handle and then turning the thumbturn on the inside or key on the outside.
Passive Door: This is the inactive door, the one that may have flush bolts holding it shut on the older models and today uses a 2-point shootbolt system that locks into the head and sill.
* NOTE: 1993 – 2003 passive door with zinc dichromate lock is no longer available. Replace with stainless steel lock conversion kit for inswing and outswing doors. The kit includes new receivers and you will also need 2579780 inswing hook bolt blocker or 2579786 outswing when ordering kit.

            Andersen hardware is unique to their product and will not work on other doors. There are other companies like Rocky Mountain Hardware and our Custom Lock Collection, that offer handles and trim to enhance the Andersen Frenchwood hinged doors.

            There was another Andersen  / Anderson window and door company that went out of business in the late 80's.  Please note the correct spelling for the famous Andersen window and door company is spelled with an E. The other Anderson never had multipoint locks and only a few parts and hardware are still available for their doors and windows. However, the current Andersen Window and Door has replacement parts and hardware for their products.